contact centre

Reduce overheads - handle MORE calls with FEWER users.

Bringing configuration control back to the contact centre frees up your IT staff, allows faster changes and reduces reliance on the telephony partner.

how does the ctalk contact centre system help my business?

intelligent routing, screen popping

Caller's information, and call automation all save user call time and increase first call resolution. This in turn helps smooth out peaks and troughs in contact levels reducing peak user staffing and most importantly the associated costs.

increase visibility - see what users are doing in real time wherever they are

Graphical displays show you every user, what they are doing right now and their activity history. Drill down to compare users and teams and easily identify areas of inefficiency.

Historical reporting provides a full suite of reports to analyse and enhance performance.

Whether in the same room, on a different floor, at home or anywhere in the world, the ctalk contact centre system not only removes the challenges of a distributed workforce, but adds value making virtual working a reality.

monitor, report and plan

Get an instant view on contact operations, wherever users are, in real time. See all your key contact centre statistics and run reports instantly. Control users, send briefings, alerts and messages rapidly.


Benchmark and compare performance historically and in real time. Analyse trends and execute future calling plans and appropriate resourcing.

The ctalk contact centre system provides total end to end reporting on all contact and user activity. All information is exportable, making it simple to manipulate for presentation to management or clients. Designing, printing and customising reports is quick and easy using Crystal and Microsoft SQL Server.


why one platform?

Disparate systems cause customer frustrations when technology advancements should make business operations seamless. When calling a contact centre, after entering your information, how many times have you found the person you speak with still doesn’t know who you are? The ctalk platform overcomes this and projects a slick, professional image. Calls can pass between self-service, menu selection and speech recognition, to queues and users without losing any gathered information.

As the contact never leaves the system, the ctalk platform provides true cradle-tograve reporting and shortens the contact process. One platform means one administration environment - eliminating duplication, shortening the training cycle whilst increasing the effectiveness of any coaching environment.

Once you have invested in the ctalk contact centre system, you can add additional features as you grow. Increase capacity or extend functionality as you need it. Business planning becomes a whole lot easier, with no nasty surprises from your communications partner. Never again lose your investment through requiring a new technology that is not compatible with your current platform.