contact centre

The ctalk contact centre system helps businesses elevate their professional image by identifying and effectively solving current business communication challenges.

Not limited to the traditional call centre, the ctalk system is the ideal choice for your Customer Service contact centre; Technical support centre; Sales team; Inbound/Outbound telemarketing; Education/Information support centre; IT helpdesk or Service desk.

what can i get?

agent toolbar


The Agent Toolbar is the desktop application toolbar used to access all key user features, from transferring and conferencing calls to monitoring queue volumes.

The Agent Toolbar is a graphical tool that allows contact centre users to manage their contacts, control their availability and view current statistics.


The Agent Toolbar can be embedded within Outlook, Word, Excel and many other applications. When used in Outlook, the system provides a true Unified Communications interface. Add OCS into the mix and you have a UC platform that cannot be beaten, with all communications done from one central point.


speech recognition

Spoken commands take callers to the most appropriate user, provide information to reduce call time, and automate transactions. From simple post code lookups to full transaction automation. Integrating with both Nuance and Microsoft, we make use of the most modern speech recognition platforms providing incredible business benefits and bottom line effect.

Fool proof single platform architecture means we can play the recorded request to a live user (without the caller knowing) if the speech recognition engine fails to decipher the callers request.


Translate the written word into speech for your callers or your staff. Allow callers access to their account notes and status without requiring a live person. Offer information outside normal working hours. Add predefined emergency messages simply and easily without requiring a voice recording.

call recording

Fully integrated call recording stores all details and statistics of the call with the recording. The call can be linked to your CRM records.

Evaluate new and experienced users for call qualification, coaching and/ appraisal. Enhance your staff training with real-world examples of best practise.

outbound dialling

Preview, Power (also known as Progressive) and Predictive dialling are all native features of the ctalk contact centre system.

Seamless blending of outbound calls with all types of inbound contact is standard. The ctalk campaign management tool allows planning and execution of multiple simultaneous campaigns.

screen pop

For screen-pop, The ctalk system gathers information in the workflow through intelligent database lookups and web services requests. The toolbar receives this information and uses it to 'pop' your application whether a CRM, business application or bespoke development. No requirement for TAPI or APIs (although TAPI is still supported).