contact centre

The ctalk contact centre system does not rely on the telephone for anything other than voice. Everything is operated through the software toolbar, so any phone can be used, anywhere.

how does it all work?

Do you have OCS, Cisco Call Manger, Nortel, Avaya, or Ericsson to name just a few?

The ctalk contact centre system has been installed and integrated into them all. The system can sit alongside ANY telephone system – or run completely standalone. Whether hosted remotely or sited at your premises, the ctalk system features can be added quickly when required. This is due to ice’s modular architecture.

The ctalk contact centre system connects to any third party application such as CRM, service desk software, policy application, custom business system, ERP or product/stock application. Using ODBC, web services, HTTP, XML or DLL we can retrieve data about the contact and present the correct record to the user with the call.

The toolbar can integrate with the user’s application using simple VBScripting, Jscript, http, TAPI or via a custom API.

The ctalk contact centre system is highly configurable, allowing easy setup. Templates can be set up handling routines that are similar, saving time. Multiple configurations can be saved and implemented when required.

The ctalk user software is installed from an intranet website. There are no disks used for install and client software can update automatically.

The ctalk contact centre system is highly automated – predefined conditions such as high call volume can be identified in advance with rules to handle these conditions set in the workflow. Therefore staff are not tied up with changes when busy times occur, the system handles it all. As contact conditions improve, when thresholds are met, the original configuration comes back into play automatically.