contact centre

The ctalk contact centre system helps businesses elevate their professional image by identifying and effectively solving current business communication challenges.

Not limited to the traditional call centre, the ctalk system is the ideal choice for your Customer Service contact centre; Technical support centre; Sales team; Inbound/Outbound telemarketing; Education/Information support centre; IT helpdesk or Service desk.

Voice calls are still the primary first contact customers have with a business. Creating a good first impression is essential. The ctalk contact centre system can help you achieve this.

flexible and scalable

Don't change your business operation to fit technology, The ctalk contact centre system will mould to the way you work!

Using the dynamic and flexible Graphical Workflow Designer, configure your system to handle calls, emails or instant message contacts as your business processes require.

All configuration work is graphical, drag and drop, easy and fast.


Best value modular features and licensing

The ctalk system brings your business a totally flexible feature set giving you freedom and future planning options. Add only the features you need, when you need them. The ctalk system is licensed concurrently, which means you only pay for the services you are using, not how many users are configured.

Work anywhere

Allow staff to work anywhere – from home, multiple offices, or whilst mobile. The software toolbar gives users all their features even when working from home. Conference, voicemail, call recording and consult directly from the toolbar. This single environment for users dramatically reduces training costs. No matter where your ctalk system users are, their experience is exactly as if they were in the office. Allowing staff to work from home and greatly reducing office overhead, staff turnover and absence.