outbound dialler

Contacting a large number of people requires careful planning and management. To do this efficiently and cost effectively you need the correct outbound dialler. Poor management of campaigns leads to inefficient use of staff. Poor dialling technology leads to silent calls, and frustrated potential customers.

ctalk's platform has highly sophisticated pacing algorithms to ensure calls are placed appropriately for maximum use of resources.


Native and blended

The ctalk contact centre system has a native outbound dialling capability for Preview, Progressing and full Predictive dialling with sophisticated campaign management. Combined with full ACD inbound functionality in the same box; you have a complete contact centre package.

Standalone or alongside your PBX

Unlike most dialling platforms, the ctalk contact centre system requires no additional hardware and can operate completely standalone with ISDN or SIP trunks and telephones directly connected to it.

However, if you already have a PBX platform, the ctalk contact centre system can operate seamlessly with any PBX. The system can also add dialling technology to an existing contact centre. There is no need to 'Rip and Replace’.

Dialling methods

Preview - agents are presented with a contact and click to place the call.
Progressive/Power - the system dials and filters busy, no answer, answering machines, etc. The system only calls when an agent becomes available.
Predictive - the system dials "ahead" to ensure agents are not waiting for contacts to be reached. The system will dial when all agents are busy calculating the probability of an agent becoming free.

ctalkCampaign Interface

iceCampaign Interface


eliminate silent calls

Any called party for which there is no agent available can be played a marketing message instead, with feedback options.

choose your dialling method

ctalk recommend a minimum of 75 agents for predictive dialling. We also recommend a minimum of 10 agents for Progressive (Power) dialling. Preview can run with any number of agents.

multiple campaigns

The ctalk Campaign Manager can create any number of campaigns. Multiple campaigns can be run simultaneously.

combine dialling methods

Campaigns can be run using different methods depending on the requirement or strategy. Multiple campaigns can run at the same time with different methods.

allocate agents as required

Different combinations of agents and teams can be allocated to individual campaigns, maximising use of available resources.

import data from any source

CSV, Excel, flat file – any data can be used. The Campaign Manager import tool allows data to be allocated to required fields with custom data also defined. Data is presented on a web page.

examples of use

  • A debt recovery company can import contacts by client. Campaigns can have different skill requirements or running schedules. Statistics are available by campaign for the client.
  • A loans company can contact a large list of prospects for cold calling.
  • A recruitment company can call all customers on file to generate further business.
  • An insurance company can telemarket for new business to current, past and new clients.