speech recognition

ctalk's contact centre system platform has native speech recognition capability. From a simple telephony front end allowing callers to state their requirement, to a full-blown automate system handling transactions autonomously. Speech recognition using the ctalk contact system can be added to any telephone system or it can be standalone when using the contact centre system.

Create a simple intuitive and natural interface for callers. Replace a complex multi-level menu with a single spoken command or phrase. Save time, caller frustration and increase First Call Resolution.

ultimate speech recognition

100% correct routing – how?

No speech recognition system is 100% correct all the time. At best you get 90% so what you do with the other 10% is very important.

Unique to ctalks contact centre system, the all-in-one-box architecture allows poorly-understood speech requests to be passed to a live person (without the caller knowing).

This avoids callers having to re-state their request. Equally, recordings of "failed" utterances can be saved for evaluation. These can be used to tune and improve the success rate of the automatic recognition.


The ctalk contact centre system has a built in speech recognition receptionist called SayMyName. This allows callers to say the name of the person or department they require and the ctalk contact centre system will transfer the call automatically. The names and numbers are pulled from a database or out of Active Directory. The speech grammars are automatically created.

speech recognition for outbound

Intelligent dial tone allows users to "talk" over the dial tone and issue commands. For example, state the name of the person or department you want, internal or external, and the ctalk contact centre system will connect you. This is context sensitive – say "Home" and the ctalk contact centre system will dial your home number.


easy to configure

The ctalk systems Graphical Workflow Interface is at the heart of the voice recognition. It makes its quick and simple to setup and adjust recognition applications.


Integrate with an existing system for Database lookups, CRM, policy information or any business system.


Text-to-speech can play back detailed information such as account status or notes. Used in addition with speech recognition a complete transactional environment can be automated.

100% recognition

Direct the call with a simple spoken word or phrase. Uniquely, the ctalk contact centre system can play unrecognised requests to a live agent for re-direction without the caller's knowledge.

intelligent dialtone for outbound

Pick up the phone and say what you want – no more looking up numbers or miss-dialling. Simply say what or who you want and the system will do the rest.

any engine

ctalk's IVR platform can use any speech recognition engine. We have extensive experience with Nuance and Microsoft but can use any engine.

examples of use

  • A Company with a busy switchboard and thousands of extensions can automate the routing of calls by importing their Active Directory into SayMyName.
  • A transport company can provide talking timetables for buses, trains, ferries, airlines along with up-to-date delays, departure and arrival information.
  • A cinema or theatre can provide show times and What's On.
  • A vehicle rental company can take bookings with customers stating their requirements and vehicle registration number for returns.
  • A hotel chain can take reservations automatically with the guest stating their location and required dates.
  • A highways department can provide traffic and road closure information by callers stating their location or road name.
  • Weather reports can be played by requesting region, date and time.