unified communications

In the modern workplace, people can be choked with communications overload; desk phones, mobiles, Blackberries, email, multiple voicemail boxes, faxes - the list goes on.

Research has proven that an office employee saves around 45 minutes per day by centralising these contacts, mobile staff can save even more.

ctalks contact centre platform

ctalk's contact centre platform can centralise your communications and make it easier for people to contact each other. These measures will increase the productivity of your staff, and allow them to work together more effectively. Saving time, saving money and providing real business benefits.

some examples of how we do this:

  • Whether you are working at your desk or any other desk the ctalk contact centre system knows where you are so will send calls for you to the phone at that desk.
  • Move away and the calls will automatically go to your mobile phone.
  • If you are unavailable, the ctalk contact centre system can pass calls to a colleague or to a voicemail box.
  • You will receive an email with the voicemail attached - no checking required.
  • You can see the 'presence' of other people in your business - who is on the phone, who is away from their desk. Never get a busy tone again - see before you dial.
  • Intelligent dial tone allows you to pick up the phone and simply say the name of the person, department or company you want to speak to. The ctalk contact centre system will use speech recognition to dial for you. If you say "home" the ctalk contact centre system will dial your home number.
  • Collaboration tools such as multiparty conferencing with desktop sharing and white-boarding allows remote meetings to take place without having to travel and book meeting rooms.
  • Utilising intelligent workflow ensures contacts follow business process rules every time.

With mobile workers, virtual offices and globalisation, businesses require a more centralised way of working. Smaller businesses with key staff taking on many roles require intelligent methods of communicating. Discuss with ctalk how you could save time, and be more accessible.


microsoft integration

The ctalk contact centre system is designed and developed in conjunction with Microsoft to fully integrate with MS Office Communication Server (OCS).

centralised mailbox

One place for all emails and all voicemails. Don't spend time checking, the ctalk contact centre system will push your messages to you.

presence awareness

Get through first time. Using OCS users can see the current presence or status of everyone. Only call when a person is free. Click to call the author of a document or email, click to call the owner of a project, or the person who booked a meeting.

desktop sharing

When on the phone, or instant messaging, share all or part of your desktop to illustrate your ideas and save time getting your point across.

dynamic call forwarding

Touch your keyboard, or log in at a hot desk, and the ctalk contact centre system knows where you are. Log in at home, get your calls there. Move away from your desk and calls go to your mobile. With one number, you are always contactable.

voice and web conferencing

Internal or external meetings can be carried out over the web. Whether a quick impromptu discussion or a large regular event, time and money saved on travel and venues allows more frequent discussion and more effective business contact.

examples of use

  • A busy contact centre capturing best-practice recordings from experienced agents for training of new staff.
  • Users initiating Emergency Recording for abusive or controversial callers.
  • Each member of a mobile team of field engineers can be contacted via a single number. A single mailbox means they don't have to spend time checking for voicemails between jobs.
  • A sales person can carry out web demonstrations, follow up meetings and internal sales meetings whilst in the office or on the road with their laptop.